A bit about us

Ray and Rhoda both grew up in Christian homes, and were married in 1972. Ray's academic training focused on mathematics, music, science, and theology. It includes a Master's Degree in mathematics from the University of Virginia and a Th.M. from Grace Theological Seminary. He has taught in Christian secondary schools, and has done computer programming at Goddard Space Flight Center.

Rhoda's lifestyle commitment to the Biblical role of women is the basis for her ministry of teaching other women how to truly love their husbands and their children, and how to cope with the challenges of home schooling.

Since 1987 the Wengers have been involved in itinerant ministry. Their nine children have accompanied their parents on extensive travel in North America, giving seminars in churches on a wide variety of subjects. The children were a vital part of the itinerant ministry as they illustrated the principles of child training, and as they ministered to audiences in family singing and in Bible memory recitation.

Some of the ministry has been to other continents (Africa, Asia, Central America), where the teaching was translated into local languages.

How it began

In the mid 80's a pastor encouraged Ray to begin giving seminars on how to have a godly family. Soon people started asking Ray for written material, so he wrote a book, Divine Design for the Family. As the years went by, traveling and teaching became a full time ministry.

What's happening now

The Wengers continue to travel, spending between four to six months out of each year on the road. Since the first seminar in 1987, Ray has been speaking on an expanding number of topics.

As the children got older, they became involved in other things, but the younger ones continued to travel in ministry with the family. Now Ray and Rhoda travel alone while all the children pursue other things.

Rachelle went to Africa in 1997 as a Wycliffe Bible translator for a group of nomadic cattle herders. She is particularly focused on Old Testament translation, and also teaches Hebrew and principles of translation to other translators.

Renee has spent several years in Africa helping produce literacy materials for the same group Rachelle worked with. She spent two years working as a chef at a New Tribes Mission training center in England. She has served as food service manager at a Michigan Bible Camp, and is currently working in the finance department at a bank in Michigan.

Roland is an airplane pilot, and has had opportunity for ministry in various contexts. His aviation experience has involved projects in many countries including Jamaica, Aruba, Panama, Algeria, Afghanistan, Peru, Canada, and the USA.

Rosalyn is a Registered Nurse, and a nationally certified midwife, and has delivered many babies in Pennsylvania. She was in Togo, West Africa, for several months at the beginning of 2014. After six months of French studies in France, she returned to Togo, where she serves as a missionary nurse and midwife.

Rolanda lived at home and worked in the neurological intensive care unit at a local hospital as an RN. She trained at Duke Medical School to be a physician assistant, and completed a surgical residency at Yale. Rolanda married in 2015, and is currently volunteering part-time as a physician assistant in a local clinic. She and her husband are expecting their first child in the Spring of 2017. They plan on joining a translation project in Africa.

Rhonda is a nationally certified midwife. After spending 10 months in France learning French, she flew to Togo in June 2012, beginning longterm service there. She came home to get married in 2015. She and her husband and infant son are planning to return to Togo as church planters in 2018.

Raphael enjoys exploring the quirks of operating systems, and frequently on trips he would help people with their computer problems. He started a business doing freelance programming and web page design. He obtained a collegiate degree in graphic design, got married in January 2016, and is currently working for a textile firm in Burlington, North Carolina.

Ryan is a certified automotive mechanic. He spent six months assisting in the construction of a new hospital in Togo, West Africa. In 2017 he will be installing hospital gas equipment at a hospital in Kenya, and solar panels at a hospital in Malawi. In between trips he comes back to North Carolina to earn money for the next trip.

Rosetta enjoys gardening, hiking, knitting, custom card design, and working with children. She worked several years at a Christian bookstore, and became manager of the homeschool department. Currently she is in Togo, West Africa, teaching kindergarten to missionary children.