A bit about us

Ray and Rhoda both grew up in Christian homes, and were married in 1972. Ray's academic training focused on mathematics, music, science, and theology. It includes a Master's Degree in mathematics from the University of Virginia and a Th.M. from Grace Theological Seminary. He has taught in Christian secondary schools, and has done computer programming at Goddard Space Flight Center.

Rhoda's lifestyle commitment to the Biblical role of women is the basis for her ministry of teaching other women how to truly love their husbands and their children, and how to cope with the challenges of home schooling.

Since 1987 the Wengers have been involved in itinerant ministry. Their nine children have accompanied their parents on extensive travel in North America, giving seminars in churches on a wide variety of subjects. The children were a vital part of the itinerant ministry as they illustrated the principles of child training, and as they ministered to audiences in family singing and in Bible memory recitation.

Some of the ministry has been to other continents (Africa, Asia, Central America), where the teaching was translated into local languages.

How it began

In the mid 80's a pastor encouraged Ray to begin giving seminars on how to have a godly family. Soon people started asking Ray for written material, so he wrote a book, Divine Design for the Family. As the years went by, traveling and teaching became a full time ministry.

What's happening now

The Wengers continued to travel, spending between four to six months out of each year on the road. Since the first seminar in 1987, Ray has been speaking on an expanding number of topics.

Gradually the children pursued ministry of their own, until finally Ray and Rhoda travelled alone. All of the children have served abroad in short-term missions and as adults desire to know Christ and make Him known

Rachelle went to West Africa in 1997 to work on linguistics and Bible translation with a language community of nomadic cattle herders. She also teaches linguistics, biblical Hebrew, and principles of translation and helps translation teams from various languages analyze the structures of their own languages and check the accuracy of their translations.

Renee joined Rachelle in 1999 and spent several years producing artwork for literacy materials. She spent two years working as a cook at a New Tribes Mission training center in England. She has served as food service manager at Bible camps in Wisconsin and Michigan, and worked in the finance department at a bank. She married in 2019. Her husband is a mathematics professor; they live in Georgia.

Roland is a pilot. He took a short-term assignment with Missionary Aviation Fellowship as an aircraft mechanic in Papua New Guinea. His aviation experience has involved projects in many countries, which has given him opportunity for ministry in various contexts. Presently he flies passenger jets. He married in 2008 and lives with his family in North Carolina.

Rosalyn, a registered nurse and certified midwife, has been at thousands of births. Since 2014 she has served as a missionary nurse and midwife in West Africa, training national midwives to assist her. Rosalyn has done many deliveries that have been highly complex and difficult.

Rolanda worked as a registered nurse in a neurological intensive care unit. After serving in some short-term medical missions, she trained to become a physician assistant, and completed a surgical residency. She married in 2015; she and her family joined a translation project in West Africa.

Rhonda is a nationally certified midwife. She began long-term service in West Africa in 2012, and was instrumental in getting her siblings to serve there too. She came back to the United States to get married in 2015. She and her family live in New York, where her husband serves as a pastor.

Raphael enjoyed exploring the quirks of operating systems, and often in our travels he would help people solve their computer problems. He started a business doing freelance programming and web page design, taught English as a second language in Mexico, obtained a college degree in graphic design, and married in 2016. He is a small-group leader at his church. Currently he does graphic design in North Carolina, where he lives with his family. Raphael designed the cover for the expanded edition of Divine Design for the Family.

Ryan is a jack-of-all-trades, and a superb automotive mechanic. In 2014 he went to West Africa and spent six months assisting in the construction of a new mission hospital. For several years he traveled to various countries (usually Africa) to install solar panels and hospital gas equipment at mission hospitals. He currently lives in North Carolina, working several part-time jobs that give him flexibility of schedule.

Rosetta began working at a Christian bookstore at age eighteen and became manager of the homeschool department. At age twenty-one she spent the school year in West Africa teaching kindergarten to missionary children. The next year she lived in France for several months with Rolanda’s family so Rolanda could devote more time to studying French. The following year she spent several months in West Africa to help Rolanda’s small children adjust to the dramatic change of climate and culture. Currently she is studying to be a physical therapist assistant.