This is a collection of sermons on various topics: 1) The Christian woman's headship covering (1 Cor 11); 2) how our response to crises events causes us to have God either as a stumbling stone or a sanctuary [find recording under "Attributes of God"]; 3) how Abraham's pilgrimage exhibits either the rewards of walking by faith or the disaster of walking by the flesh [find recording under "Christian's Relationship to the Old Testament"]; 4) a Biblical understanding of women's role in the church; 5) exposition of the parables in Matthew 13; 6) Is the King James Version the best English translation available today?

Title Duration
The Headship Covering 1:12:22 Download
Women's Role in the Church 1:43:53 Download
Mat 13 Wheat and Tares 1:11:53 Download
KJV Controversy 1:18:00 Download