We published both of these books ourselves, so if you're intrested in purchasing them, please contact us. Divine Design for the Family is currently out of print, but we are actively seeking for a publisher.

Divine Design for the Family

by Ray Wenger Divine Design for the Family

Biblical answers to haunting questions:

Among all the books on the Christian family, "there are still relatively few that are biblically-based rather than psychologically or experience-oriented. This book not only sets forth basic biblical truth about marriage and the family but also introduces some new insights as well. Every Christian's home shelf should have a copy." —Jay E. Adams

Word of God, Priceless Treasure

by Rachelle and Renee Wenger Word of God, Priceless Treasure

Discover for yourself:

This is a book designed for children from ages 4 to 84. It introduces children to some of the richness of their Christian heritage by presenting three true stories showing the precious value of the Word of God. The stories are illustrated with 58 pencil drawings done by Rachelle and Renee. This book has 64 pages.