The Christian's Relationship to the Old Testament

Many people treat the Bible as a huge smorgasbord from which to selectively choose a menu to their own liking: some things from the Old Testament, some from the New, rejecting things in both which they find distasteful. However, the Old and New Covenants are separate: no one on earth is under the Old Covenant today. Even so, the details of the Old Testament have much to teach us about God, and about our life on earth. The New Testament presupposes an understanding of the Old Testament as a foundation for the Gospel.

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The Christian's Relationship to the Old Testament 1:21:20 Download
Non-resistance 1:28:34 Download
Understanding the Sabbath 1:03:47 Download
Tithing vs. Giving 42:41 Download
The Old Testament Required to Understand the New Testament 57:58 Download
The Value of Old Testament Law 1:08:44 Download
Characteristics of a Hard Heart 59:31 Download
The Disaster of Rejecting Truth 1:05:17 Download
Abraham's Walk of Faith 1:10:16 Download