New Testament Authority

Jesus specifically forbad the type of authority that is promoted in many churches, and the rest of the New Testament amplifies His teaching. The book of Ephesians shows that instead of the authority of men, Jesus alone must be the Head of all things, including the church. Sadly, most churches completely miss the glory of having Jesus as the only Head.

Title Duration
God's Authority, Not Man's 1:06:22 Download
New Testament Restrictions Regarding Leadership 42:00 Download
The Responsibility of the Brotherhood 46:58 Download
Godly Perspective and Practice 1:09:30 Download
Christ is the Head of Our Salvation 1:03:44 Download
Christ, the Source of Peace and Love 50:33 Download
Christ, the Key to Sanctification 1:03:16 Download
Christ Our Glorious Head 57:35 Download
Christ, the Key to Victory 1:08:54 Download