Lessons from the Book of Judges

Because of disobedience, the Israelites repeatedly reaped personal disaster, and were ineffective as a testimony to the nations. God in mercy brought judgment to awaken them to their folly and give them another opportunity to have Him as king. The historical accounts in this book vividly illustrate the utter foolishness of taking our own way, instead of by faith obeying what God has said and taking Him as our king today.

Title Duration
Refusing God's Blessings 38:47 Download
Victory in Impossibilities 44:35 Download
God's Strength in Weakness 43:11 Download
Bramble Bush & Costly Ignorance 44:50 Download
Costly Stubbornness 44:54 Download
The Blinding Effects of Sin 41:48 Download
Spiritual Anarchy 43:02 Download
Moral Collapse 36:30 Download