The Book of Ephesians

This is an exposition of the book of Ephesians, showing that Jesus is the glorious Head of all things.

Title Duration
Eph 1 Christ the Head of Our Salvation 59:50 Download
Eph 2 Exaltation with Christ 55:41 Download
Eph 3 God Working Beyond What We Can Imagine 41:37 Download
Eph 4a Keep Unity of the Spirit, Achieve Unity of Faith 46:42 Download
Eph 4b Walk with a Transformed Mind 57:28 Download
Eph 5a Walk in Love, Light, and Wisdom 1:10:44 Download
Eph 5b Husband-Wife Relationship 1:13:53 Download
Eph 6 Other Relationships and God's Armor 1:16:07 Download