The Book of Romans

In the entire Bible, the most concise and comprehensive statement of the Gospel is found in the book of Romans. This book shows how the Cross work of Christ (His death, burial, and resurrection) not only provides forgiveness of sin, but much more, provides the means for the believer to have victory over sin, and truly walk in newness of life.

Title Duration
Rom 1 Revelation of God's Righteousness and Wrath 48:05 Download
Rom 2 The Coming Judgment 40:52 Download
Rom 3-4 Universal Guilt; Justification by Faith 53:12 Download
Rom 5 Assurance of Glorious Life 1:11:26 Download
Rom 6 Freedom from Sin 49:45 Download
Rom 7 Freedom from the Law 45:10 Download
Rom 8 Life in the Spirit 1:11:03 Download
Rom 9 God's Faithfulness 1:05:16 Download
Rom 10-11 The Partial and Temporary Failure of Israel 59:27 Download
Rom 12 The Transformed Mind 1:07:58 Download
Rom 13 Submission and Love 45:30 Download
Rom 14-15a Maturity Through Brotherhood Differences 46:42 Download
Rom 15b-16 Paul's Relationship to the Romans 28:59 Download