The Centrality of the Cross

Satan will use anything to get our focus off of Christ and His work. Jesus is the only answer to worldliness, whether man-made schemes of supposed holiness, or licentious adventures of supposed freedom in Christ. The standards and schemes of man are always pitifully low. Only Christ and His work can enable us to actually achieve the high standard of obedience described in the Word of God.

Title Duration
What it Cost Christ to Bear Our Sin 50:05 Download
God's Righteous Expectations 53:10 Download
Rom 5-6 Grace to Change Races 1:49:47 Download
Rom 7-8 Spirit Power Over Sin 50:03 Download
Authentic Grace 51:35 Download
Exposition of Grace 59:40 Download
Application of Grace 41:33 Download
Spiritual Success 54:33 Download