Divine Design for the Family

The Bible clearly defines how to have a godly marriage and how to train children to follow God. This series focuses on what God has said instead of on psychological and popular theories supported by selective verses. Included are practical suggestions on how to implement God's principles.

Title Duration
Faith Defines Family Action 50:55 Download
Sabotaged by Fleshliness 1:02:06 Download
Godly Parenthood 1:25:01 Download
Husband and Wife Credentials 59:50 Download
Proverbs for a Happy Couple 42:25 Download
Godly Motherhood(by Rhoda) 44:39 Download
Godly Fatherhood 45:24 Download
Arrows for the Kingdom of God 1:00:41 Download
Principles of Discipline 1:29:45 Download
Developing Delightful Children 1:00:04 Download
Common Mistakes Mothers Make Part 1(by Rhoda) 58:31 Download
Common Mistakes Mothers Make Part 2(by Rhoda) 50:11 Download
Husband and Wife Communication 1:00:39 Download
Resolving Husband and Wife Conflicts 39:05 Download
Godly Parent Teenager Relationships (Part 1) 1:12:06 Download
Godly Parent Teenager Relationships (Part 2) 1:01:44 Download
Hard Nuts to Crack 53:43 Download
A Wife's Mission to Her Husband(by Rhoda) 1:26:49 Download
Legacy of Sin (Gen 4-5) 36:32 Download