The Unveiling of Jesus Christ (Rev 4-22)

The book of Revelation is the unveiling of Jesus Christ (Rev 1:1). Our understanding of Jesus is incomplete apart from this book. In the gospels we see Jesus as the suffering servant, in the epistles as the provider of resurrection life, in Revelation as the supreme Judge coming to crush evil and vindicate those who follow Him.

Title Duration
Introduction 1:08:35 Download
Worship in Heaven 46:32 Download
The Sovereign Lamb 1:13:55 Download
Servants and Trumpets 1:16:14 Download
The Two Witnesses 1:17:32 Download
The Dragon and Antichrist 1:23:33 Download
Trumpet and Bowl Judgements 1:18:16 Download
Judgment of Religious Babylon 59:11 Download
Judgment of Commercial Babylon 49:07 Download
Christ's Glorious Advent 1:03:02 Download
Millennium and Final Judgment 1:12:53 Download
Eternal State 1:08:38 Download